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Educational resources

Educational Resources : Educational resources

The Polytechnic of Požega performs five professional studies (Commerce, Accounting, Administration, Food Technology, and Viticulture-Oenology-Pomology) and one specialist professional graduate study (Commerce). A major emphasis is placed on practical training in performance of the professional studies.

Practical training of students attending the professional study of Viticulture-Oenology-Pomology is organised within an own teaching facility (5.5 hectares of perennial vineyards, winemaking premises and equipment, wine cellar, wine laboratory, wine tasting hall). This study programme is deficient in terms of lack of own facilities needed to perform practical training in the field of pomology. The specified deficit is being addressed through purchase of 2.3 hectares of land and planting of a perennial orchard. The Polytechnic plans to complement the orchard with fruit processing (processing and drying facilities) and food storage facilities, representing high quality bases for performance of the practical training of the students of Food Technology. Students attending other professional studies undergo practical training within business entities with which the Polytechnic has cooperation agreements in place (270 cooperation agreements in force).

Sixteen mentors (teachers) are tasked with monitoring of the professional training in all the study programmes. The mentors make arrangements for performance of the professional training at the Polytechnic-owned facilities and within the businesses with which the Polytechnic of Požega has concluded cooperation agreements, monitor and supervise student activities and review practical training reports and logs.

In order to satisfy a part of needs of the economy regarding short-term professional education programmes, the Polytechnic established three adult education programmes: Project Cycle Management, Computer Operator and Winegrower/Cellar Master. Besides the above, the Polytechnic performs a beekeeping adult education programme in cooperation with Marko Marulić Polytechnic of Knin, within The Bee Incubator project funded by the EU.

Currently, the Polytechnic has 51 full-time employees, including 29 employees holding teaching ranks – assistants (1), lecturers (4), senior lecturers (20), and college professors (3) in corresponding professional fields. Since its establishment in 1998, the Polytechnic has made efforts to develop its own teaching staff through financing of postgraduate studies, which resulted in young and highly educated professionals, prepared to rapidly adjust to changes within the framework of science and higher education as well as in terms of cooperation with businesses in the area. At this time, the institution employs 10 PhDs fellows, 7 masters of science, and 12 teachers has enrolled into doctoral programmes.

Total surface area of the Polytechnic of Požega intended for teaching (lecture halls, laboratories, wine cellar) amounts to 1072 m2. Comparing the above area size to the total number of enrolled students, currently numbering 1530, indicates an average of 0.70 m2 of usable area per student. If sports grounds are added to the figure, the total surface area intended for teaching amounts to 1.64 m2 per student. The above points to a conclusion that the Polytechnic complies with the standards requirements of the Ordinance on accreditation contents and conditions for issuing of accreditations for performance of higher education activities, performance of study programmes and reaccreditation of higher education institutions. The above averages do not include areas for performance of practical training used by the Department of Agriculture, consisting of 5.5 hectares of perennial vineyards owned by the Polytechnic.