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Library of Polytechnic in Pozega

The Polytechnic in Pozega is intended for all students of Polytechnics, teachers and external associates, but also for all members of the community who are interested in professional literature and professional education. It was founded in 2001. The library is actively involved in the teaching process of the Polytechnic. The Polytechnic's Library acquires, handles and provides expert examination and seminar literature. Belongs to the Dean of the Polytechnic, it is organized as a central library of the Polytechnic and has no departmental libraries.

The library has a book fund of over 5000 copies. Content, Library Funds consist of works in the field of economics, law, management, sociology, politics, agronomy and biotechnology, and thus covers all study groups of the Polytechnics. The fund is built by purchasing, donations, the purchase of the Ministry and a mandatory copy of its own publications.

The Library cataloug is on this link:

We also have an institutional repository :

Apart from books, the Library also receives top quality domestic and foreign journals and currently has twenty titles of relevant journal:



Books that are not available in the Polytechnic's Library can be found in the Public Library in Pozega The library catalog is online at:


The Library of Polytechnic in Pozega is included in the project of the Online Database – Portal of electronical sources for croatian academic and sciences community, whose role has been taken over by the National and University Library in Zagreb ( )

Thus enabling its users to access European and global databases from large number of professional and scientific areas.

Library is open


  • Monday - Thursday - 7:00 - 15:00 h
  • Friday 9:00 - 17:00 h (During lectures for extraordinary students)
  • Daily break: 11:30 to 12 h

Librarian: Antonija Marinclin, prof.

All information you can get by e-mail: or by phone: 034 / 312-077.

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Frequently asked questions

Where is Library located?


The Library of Polytechnic in Pozega is located in the building of the Polytechnic, at mezzanine, and the entrance is located in back of the building.


How to become a member of the Library?


A member of the Library may become all students of Polytechnic in Pozega, regular and extraordinary, according to the same rules, and with the same benefits and obligations.

Membership in the Library is acquired by registration in the Library.

In order to registration in the Library, it is necessary to show the Index, as an identification document confirming the status of the student of the Polytechnic in Pozega, and x.-card which, by entering the Library, becomes a membership card. Another membership cards are created for students who do not have a x-card.

Registration is free for all students.


What are the rules of borrowing and returning books?


4 books per period of 14 days can be borrowed at the Library.

It is possible to extend the term of the loan for an additional 14 days, except during regular exams (February, June, July and September), when the borrowing period can not be extended for the exam literature. The term of the loan can be extended by personal arrival, by phone (034 / 312-077) or by e-mail ( ).

After the expiration of the book, they must be returned or extended. Otherwise, a member who has not returned the book or has not renewed the loan deadline is due to pay late. Demurrage is 1 kn per day for book, is charged on working days, excluding holidays, holidays and weekends.


What Services does the Library provide for users?


The library allows its users to borrow expert exam and seminar literature or use them in the Library space.


Last copy of the title of exam literature is allowed exclusively for use in the Library.

Reference materials (dictionaries, lexicons, encyclopedias, manuals), periodicals and non-fiction materials can not be borrowed from the Library and are available for use in the Library.

Through the Electronic Library Catalog (, users have access to the materials that the Library owns, reserve the materials, check the status (free / borrowed) and view the contents of all books .

The Interlibrary Loan Service is intended for users who need (books and copiesof articles) from other libraries in the country and abroad. The service does not charge, but the user's obligation is to pay the shipping or shipping costs.

Within the Library have are eight work placements for study learning and eight workplaces equipped with computers with free internet access and online databases.

Aslo, we have e-library:

Institutional Repository is available on this link:


What is Library procedure for damaged and lost books?


A those who damaged or losed books is obliged to compensate for damages.

Compensation may consist of compensation for damages in the same book title or in cash. The book value of the book is determined by the purchase price of the new book at the time of return, and the time of the payment.


End of membership?


Membership stopped at the end of study on Polytehcnic in Pozega ori f a users from some reasons ended the studying.


Users who with their behavior disable Libraries operation may for a certain time or permanently lose the right to use the Library services.


At the end of studying, users must pay all his debts to the Library, for which he received a certified confirmation from the Librarian.

It is important to note that a certified confirmation should be requested by all students, even if they have never been a member of the Library.