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Mission, vision and strategy

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Mission, vision and strategy

Mission of the Polytechnic of Požega is to contribute to economic, social and cultural development of the region and the society:

  • through creation of highly educated professionals in the area of biotechnical and social sciences conforming to needs of the economy and the labour market,
  • through performance of adult education programmes and improvement of knowledge and skills of professional practitioners,
  • through performance of professional and scientific research in social and biotechnical sciences, and in other scientific fields where the Polytechnic teachers are active, within the framework of national and international developmental, professional and scientific projects bringing about practical use in the teaching process and transfer of knowledge/technology into practice,
  • through continuous improvement of quality and competitiveness of teaching, professional work and scientific research,
  • through an open cooperation with public and private sectors in all fields of activity of the Polytechnic and encouraging international cooperation and mobility of the students, teachers and administrative staff.

Vision of the Polytechnic of Požega is to become one of leading higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia and the region integrating teaching, professional and scientific research activities with economic activities in a modern and innovative way, integrated and competitive in the European higher education and research area, promoting development of individuals, the economy and the society as a whole.

Implementation of the mission and the vision and implementation of the Development Strategy of the Polytechnic of Požega is performed through strategic objectives defined by the strategy itself. The strategic objectives defined by the Development Strategy for 2014-2016 are categorised in six (6) strategic areas (the Development Strategy of the Polytechnic of Požega for the period of 2014-2016 is appended to this document):

  1. Higher education institution management and quality assurance,
  2. Study programmes and students,
  3. Professional, scientific research and publishing activity,
  4. Human, material and financial resources,
  5. Cooperation with the economy and the local community,
  6. International cooperation and mobility.