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Mission, vision and strategy

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Mission, vision and strategy


It represents current development efforts and work of the Polytechnic in Požega and expectations of the population and the economy regarding achieving of the formulated tasks of the Polytechnic.

The mission of the Polytechnic in Požega is higher education and lifelong learning in the field of biotechnical and social sciences based on scientific and professional research and quality assurance, international cooperation and cooperation with local community with the aim of producing alumni corresponding to the needs of the economy and the labour market.


The vision represents the desired situation the Polytechnic in Požega wishes to achieve by 2020, which shall arise through fulfilment of adopted objectives and priorities through implementation of the foreseen measures. Development objectives, priorities and measures arise from a situation analysis and a SWOT analysis discussed at coordination meetings with work groups and an analysis of stakeholders' opinions received by electronic means – as the basis for creation of a new vision.

The Polytechnic in Požega would like to become a regional leader in the segment of higher professional education and function as an excellence centre bringing together teaching, professional and scientific activities in innovative and creative ways through transfers of know-how to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.