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Professional study of Administration

Learning outcomes of the professional study of Administration at the Polytechnic of Požega are comparable to renowned European institutions of higher education.

The need to educate civil servants has been long recognised in developed European countries. Most continental West European countries have established administration education systems after the 1960s. A leading role in those processes was assumed by Germany and France because of their traditional understanding of administrative work as a lifelong career. French National administration school – ENA (École nationale d'administration) and German Speyer higher education school for administrative sciences (Deutsche Hochschule für Verwaltungswissenschaften Speyer) are the most famous scientific-research and educational centres directly related to the central government administration, performing public administration training programmes. Today, numerous university graduate (postgraduate) public administration programmes are performed in absolutely every western European country. They are primarily performed at universities and, in addition, at diverse institutions such as polytechnics, higher education institutions and centres (e.g. French regional centres for education of administrative clerks or German professional schools of public administration) and similar.

The above foreign institutions specifically research application of individual institutions of administrative law, application of corresponding work methods in public administration and interpretation of knowledge of the basic economics and administration economics in their programmes.