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Professional study of Commerce

The professional study of Commerce is comparable to similar studies in the European Union member states (Universita Bocconi, Milan: Business and Economics, Department of Economics; Graduate School of Business Economics: Higher School of International Commerce and Finance, Warsaw; Logistics and International Trade, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Courses of mathematics, statistics, basic economics, macroeconomics, finances, and accounting are taught in the first year and a part of the second year of the undergraduate studies of the specified institutions, as well as the professional study of Commerce, in order to provide their students with the basic knowledge required to master the selected study. In the remainder of the second year and in the third year of the studies, the students attain professional knowledge in the fields of commerce business, logistic processes, procurement and sales, commerce business process management etc. Upon completion of the studies, the students are trained to participate in organisation and performance of commerce business processes in commerce enterprises, enabling their inclusion in the work process or further education at graduate studies.