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Food Technology

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Professional study of Food Technology

Objectives of the professional education, expressed through the teaching programme of the professional study of Food Technology, are aimed at achieving professional competences of students for direct inclusion in all work processes in the field of food technology. The competences are comparable to three-year professional studies at the Faculty of Agriculture and food sciences at Hochschule Neubrandenburg, the Corvinus University Budapest, the Faculty of food science with which the Polytechnic has also signed a bilateral agreement, Technische Universität München, Fakultät Brau- und Lebensmitteltechnologie. Upon completion of the professional study, the students attain general knowledge in the fields of the basic natural sciences adopted during the first two semesters at the specified studies, professional knowledge in the field of food technology and practical experience, to which special attention is paid throughout the final semester both at the specified institutions and the Polytechnic of Požega. Through the study programme of Food Technology, the students attain competences to apply chemistry and microbiology in food production, control and management of food production processes, knowledge of raw materials and finished products storage, knowledge of eco-production of food.