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Trade Business

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Specialist professional graduate study of Trade Business

Program enables students to become the new generation of managers in the areas of trade, qualified in quality management businesses, in terms of management, planning and organizing your own business processes in professional, organizational, technological and human resources aspect. Previously acquired level of expertise and acquired specialized knowledge in the area of trade in this part of the study program of study the student is able to actively, directly and independently managed business process businesses, and in particular the influence of such processes to their continuous improvement. Students who complete the Degree of Trade Business, are trained to manage trade in various sectors profit and non-profit sector: enterprises for internal and external trade, industrial, transport or freight forwarding companies and transportation agencies, corporate quality control of goods, commodity terminals, public and customs warehouses and free zones, banks or insurance companies, other service companies, for example, companies in the international trade commission, the company for telecommunications services companies for marketing and other services, and various government institutions (ministries, local authorities, customs administration , institutions for combating economic crime, cultural and scientific institutions). It also opens up the possibility of self-realization through personal entrepreneurial ideas and projects, opening their own or family businesses or trades. Such interactions applicable specialist knowledge
and skills and business processes that are applied model is the development of small and medium enterprises as an important precondition for Croatia for economic development.