International Cooperation



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International cooperation

Intended objectives of the international cooperation of the Polytechnic are:

  • Liaising with partner institutions abroad;
  • Participation in European and other international programmes and projects;
  • Organisation of joint scientific conferences, workshops, seminars, lectures etc;
  • Transfer of good teaching and scientific research practice and research methods; and
  • Encouragement of mobility of students, teachers, assistants, employees and post-doctoral (research) fellows

The specified objectives in the field of international cooperation of the Polytechnic are definitely contributing to improvements of quality of teaching, professional, scientific, research and publishing activities of the Polytechnic.

Cooperation through projects brought about establishment of contacts between scientists and the Polytechnic with other scientists and international institutions, as well as a transfer of knowledge, experience, research methods etc. Furthermore, the following activities were performed: organisation of international conferences, participation in various forms of training of Polytechnic employees abroad, visits of Polytechnic employees to institutions and organisations abroad. The Polytechnic in Požega also participates in development of the EU projects as the lead partner and as a junior partner in projects.