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Teacher publications

The 2017–2020 Development Strategy of the Polytechnic defines 2 important objectives: 3. Improving the institution's publishing activity, publication of employees' scientific papers, participation in scientific projects and hosting scientific conferences and 4. Publication of professional papers and teaching publications, participation in professional conferences and hosting professional conferences. In accordance with the strategic objectives, the Polytechnic promotes publication of scientific/professional papers and other publications providing each teacher an annual fund for informal development and publishing opportunities in compliance with the rules and conditions of the Rules on publishing activity. This is also apparent in the last five years because we have published four scientific monographs as results of research by authors in doctoral theses and 15 teaching materials (textbooks, notes, manuals, exercise books and authorised lectures) were published in hard copy or electronic format. In order to demonstrate professional and scientific productivity of the institution, in addition to own publishing activity, according to a Dean's decision, each teacher is required to register own publications in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography – CROSBI database after publication of a work or a scientific/professional paper.

In accordance with the current analysis  the number of papers published by the teachers and associates in the past 5 years in scientific journals and proceedings indexed in the Web of Science (Core Collection) and Scopus databases is 42. The total number of references is 113 (WoSCC) and 53 (Scopus) while the total h-index of the institution is 6 (WoSCC) and 4 (Scopus) within the above databases respectively. Also, 179 scientific papers have been published as well as 37 professional papers in journals and proceedings. This includes 32 professional and scientific papers authored by our external associates who added the Polytechnic to their papers thereby demonstrating their productivity.

Among more significant journals where the teachers and associates publish their works there are the following domestic and international scientific and professional journals in the fields of social and biotechnical sciences: International Journal of Electro Chemical Science, Desalination and Water Treatment, Food Chemistry, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterly, Journal of Food and Nutrition research, Journal of the Institute of Brewing, Czech Journal of Food Sciences, Journal of Food Engineering, Athens Journal of Science, Scientific Papers Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development”, Agronomski glasnik, Poljoprivreda , International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking, Ekonomski vjesnik, Ekonomska istraživanja, European Scientific Journal, Research in Economics and Management, Scientific Annals of the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, Poslovna izvrsnost, Pravni vjesnik and International Journal Vallis Aurea.