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Student dormitotry

In accordance with the aforementioned Development Strategy, within the Strategic objective 7, Student standard and student support, construction of a student dormitory, encompassing gross area of 2,888.66 m² is planned. Construction of the dormitory is taking place within the framework of a grant scheme using the European structural and investment fund "Modernisation, improvement and expansion of student accommodation infrastructure for disadvantaged students”. An adequate plot has been purchased for this purpose, required permits have been obtained and a cornerstone laid – and works started in October 2018. The dormitory shall comprise 110 beds in double and triple rooms with bathrooms, including 62 beds for disadvantaged students, 2 beds for students with disabilities, a multi-functional sports hall, a media room, a furnished shared studying room, a bicycle storage, a kitchenette and a dining room, a self-service laundry room and a furnished kitchen with mess hall for 80 people. 

The construction and furnishing project shall be completed in accordance with the plan, by the end of 2019, and further information is available at the web site. A grant has been received in the amount of HRK 32,683,129.43 for construction of the dormitory – the maximum possible amount of co-financing. Požega Student Centre is a partner in implementation of the project.