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Sports Association

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Sport association

Sports Association : Sport association


- The goals of the Association: it was established with the aim of organizing, promoting, developing and improving the overall sports and sports recreation at the Požega College. The task is to raise the level of awareness of the importance and advantages of sport or recreation through its own activities and organization, thus raising the level of student sports activities and thus the quality of student life.

Activities to achieve the goals of the Association: encouraging and promotion of sports at the College in Požega; planning and development of sport and recreation at the College in Požega; organization of extracurricular student physical activities; participation, organization and management in sports competitions; care about the health and medical protection of members of the Association; taking measures and creating conditions for improving professional work; the overall activity of the Association to foster understanding and adoption of ethical values ​​through pursuing sport; providing material resources and spending financial resources in accordance with the legislative regulations; management of the sports facilities whose owner or user is the Association is in accordance with the Sports Act; cooperation with other student clubs and societies, and other sports clubs and associations; performance and other tasks, other regulations and rules, and are of interest to student sports and recreation in the Republic of Croatia. The Student Sports Association of College in Požega improves the work by defining the elements which are important for the work of the Association (presenting the Association to all new students of VUP ((College in Požega), providing adequate conditions for work, increasing the choice of extracurricular sports activities and the number of training as preparation for participating in the sports competitions in the system UniSport HR., Procurement of sports equipment and requisites required for work, raising the quality standards of the competition teams (coaches, managers). The VUP Sports Association became a member of the Požega Sports Alliance and the Croatian Academic Sports Alliance in the work of which it actively participates. From 2014 onwards, VUP students are competing in the UniSport competition system at the level of the Republic of Croatia;

* State Championship of the College and Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Croatia (Pula, 2014, Futsal (m), Table Tennis (m and f), Tennis (m)

* Qualification competitions; UniSport Futsal (m), 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, Sl.Brod, Vukovar, ...

* UniSport RH qualifying competitions; hosts of pre-qualification UniSport Basketball (m) (group ISTOK), Požega, 2016.

* UniSport Qualification and Additional Qualification Competitions; Volleyball (f) - Varaždin and Zagreb, 2016, Table Tennis (m), Tennis (m and f), Beach Volleyball (f), Basketball game 3x3 (m) * UniSport Finals RH (Finals); Tennis (m and f), Basketball Game 3x3 (m), Beach Volleyball (f) and Table Tennis (m); Biograd na moru, 2017.god.

* UniSport Finals RH (finals); Tennis (f); Rovinj, 2018.

* UniSport Futsal (m) (Elite Round of Qualifications); 2019, Rijeka, and so on.

From year to year, the number of participations, organization and management of sports activities increases, as well as the number of training and competition activities, competition days and student participation in SUSVUP (VUP Sports Association), sports programs, as well as cooperation with other Colleges in Croatia.


College in Požega in cooperation with the Sports Association of VUP students and the VUP Student Council, traditionally every year at the occasion of the Day of the College (21 May) organizes an official sports competition for all students and employees of VUP in the following sports: Futsal (m) , Volleyball (mixed teams), Tennis (m and f), Table Tennis (m and f) and Basketball (3x3). Up to 120 students and employees of College in Požega actively participate in the competitions. At the end of the summer semester at the College an informal socializing is organized of sports character for students and employees of College in Požega in social games (Belot, tug-of-war, Wine pong, Table tennis). There is an initiative to introduce a competition in badminton, chess, FIT competition and other sports activities in cooperation with other institutions and Colleges.

The student Sports Association of College in Požega, in accordance with the material conditions each year through the winter and summer semester organizes extracurricular sports activities for interested regular and extraordinary students and VUP employees;Futsal, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Badminton, Chess, Sports Walking, Hiking Tours, Ice-skating, Geocaching, Bowling ... and year after year tries to follow trends and introduce innovative sports activities.

There is an idea, depending on the interest of VUP students and staff for going out for hiking, skiing, swimming, rafting, big sports competitions, marking the Student Sports Day and so on.

The Sports Association of College students in Požega in 2016 concluded a cooperation with the Public Health Institute of Požega-Slavonia County and actively took part in their action "Walking to Health" within the National Program "Living Healthy". As part thereof, since 2016, partners have been organizing numerous sports and recreational activities, checking / measuring the health status of interested employees, lectures for students as part of the "Month of Addiction", humanitarian action "Walking towards Christmas", humanitarian knowledge quiz at the College of Požega to help those in need, and to which the students and employees of College in Požega are happy to respond.

The student Sports Association of College in Požega has the opportunity to participate every year at events or competitions of sport character organized at the level of the Town of Požega or the County; bike tour, mountain hiking tour "Papučki jaglaci", Christmas football mini-tournament, recreational volleyball league for women, Grgurevski excursion on the occasion of Day of the Town of Požega, weekend cycling tours etc. Interested students and employees of VUP have the opportunity to go to town fitness clubs, to a variety of group exercise trainings, to become actively involved in the work of the town sports club according to your own affinity.

The student Sports Association of College in Požega continues to work actively to promote positive effects of sport and physical exercise on health, to create a positive effect on the harmony of biopsychosocial development, to build a healthy and creative way of life, to provide educational influence on the proper use of leisure time, to contribute to quality life in youth, maturity and old age, all of which, without exception, are in the interest of all students and employees at Požega College.



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