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Student Choir

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Student choir

A student elective representative body that protects student interests, participates in decision-making in the bodies of higher education and represents students in the higher education system.

The Student Choir of the Polytechnic of Požega is a non-political, non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit organization of students.

Teaching Student Choir at the University:

elect student representatives in the senate and other university bodies and in the council and other bodies of other higher education institutions,

elect student representatives in appropriate organizations, institutions and companies founded by a higher education institution,

brings the student's choir plan and program,

appoint a student ombudsman,

he cares about the quality of life of students, especially about the quality of the study process, the student standard, the realization of student rights and other matters important for students,

proposes to the competent bodies of higher education a plan for financing student activities,

encourages the extra-curricular activities of students,

makes general acts of the student choir, unless otherwise provided by this Act or the Statute of the Student Choir,

performs other jobs of interest to students of higher education.

The students have assessed the means of support (administrative support, mentorship, student associations etc.) as very satisfactory. Besides the Committee, an ESN (Erasmus Student Network) branch is active at the Polytechnic and it provides assistance through the buddy system as well as intercultural support and it is currently the only component of the ESN Croatia representing the community of polytechnics.