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Student incubator

„Aktiva" is a special unit within the educational system of the Polytechnic of Požega. It is the starting point for the programs of regular education of students in the segment of entrepreneurship and the programs of lifelong education and training of entrepreneurs. The Incubator develops long-term co-operation between the Polytechnics and Business Areas in Požega Slavonia County and the region, especially the small economy sector. The Polytechnic within the framework of Incubator's activities conducts research of entrepreneurial tendencies and aspirations of the population of students of the final years of study. The results of these surveys are comparable to similar researches carried out today in European countries. The results will be expected to provide a relevant insight into entrepreneurial ambitions of students as well as insight into the entrepreneurial environment from which they originate, expectations about self-employment, attitudes to entrepreneurial climate in the county, expected barriers to starting a stand-alone business, lacking knowledge and skills for self- business and the like. The results of the research are the basis for the definition of special programs for the education and training of students and unemployed people with stated entrepreneurial preferences and intentions. The incubator covers that part of the total student population that manages to clearly define its entrepreneurial intent, either in the form of business ideas developed in some form of business plan, either as a choice after completing higher education.